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Dr. Karine Miras is an assistant professor in the Computational Intelligence group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam:   

 Research fields: Embodied Intelligence, Evolutionary Robotics, and Artificial Life.


  Life as it could be

There are multiple tasks that, desirably, would be carried out by robots instead of humans. Some examples are industrial maintenance, housework, agriculture, construction, surgery, etc. One reason for using robots in the aid of these tasks is a reduction in costs that could make technology available for a broader niche, or even the lack of workforce for a given demand. More than that, some tasks could hardly be carried by humans, for instance, the exploration of inhospitable environments as distant planets or locations too deep down the sea. Now let’s give our imagination freedom for a minute: imagine a scenario where robots could autonomously design themselves to help us in any way we need. Perhaps, this could happen even in ways that did not occur to us yet…


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